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El Futuro de la analítica: Internet de las Cosas. Por Catalina Herrera

Por Demosdesoftware -

Organizations, large and small, continue to have problems in making sense of all available data. Some of the challenges facing companies today are the lack of specialized analytical resources, the arrival of the IoT and the proliferation of analytical technologies, tools and coding languages.                                

As your organization embarks on its resolution to make more data-driven decisions in 2018, what questions should it ask?

Catalina Herrera, Data Scientist of TIBCO, with more than 15 years of experience supporting effective data management exposed how to manage and mitigate these analytical challenges in the 1st Virtual Conference of IT-Nova BI, TIBCO partner in Colombia.

Topics include:

  • How organizations are leveraging IoT, machine learning, text?

  • What are the most common roles in the most effective companies in analytics?

  • How do organizations face the lack of analytical skills?

Categoría: Tibco > Analytics
Tags: Analítica, BI
Agregado: 5-Mar-2018
Autor: Demosdesoftware
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